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October 11 2011

RedemptionCast starts watching Angel. The first time BtVS watchers behind PotentialCast start watching Angel.

PotentialCast is a podcast where three people new to the Buffyverse have been watching their way through Buffy the Vampire Slayer (with the help of one person who has seen the show before) and have released a podcast discussing each episode as they went along, they have just reached 'The Freshman'.

They have just started watching Angel alongside Buffy. This first podcast is an introduction to themselves and their expectations for the show. They have also done a commentary for 'City Of' as they watched it for the first time.

So excited! I think they are really going to love all the darkness in Angel!
I agree, I think that at least one of them is probably going to like Ats more than BtVS.

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