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October 11 2011

(SPOILER) Angel & Faith # 3 preview. Four-page preview on the Dark Horse website.

Love the previews.Angel & Faith still seems to be interesting me more than what's going on in Buffy's side of season 9.I'm reading both of course but everything that is released about Angel & Faith has been hitting the spot dead on each time.These pages continue that.

I just love the interplay between Angel and Faith in these pages.
Cue the B/A IWRY flasback.
oving everything I've seen of both books.
Great preview. Man, Isaacs is killin' it with the art. So impressed.
I agree cazador, Issacs art is just amazing. The way she captures facial expressions is dead on.
Love the last page.

I like that they are depicting Angel as intelligent again (compared to season 8!)- he is using his detective skills once more, and his ability to read people. Liking it.
So nice to see Faith looking pretty again. Georges Jeanty was not kind to her.
And his schnoz. I always enjoyed his little "Sorry to be gross but my sense of smell just answered the question" moments.

Everything looks right on target once again. Bonus points for "stake blocked".

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