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October 11 2011

Why Paramount, not Disney, gets Avengers credit. If you like reading about the industry side of film making, then this article is for you.

Really interesting. Thanks for finding that, Simon.
I wonder if Marvel/Disney will ever be able to work out deals with Fox and Sony so that Wolvie and Spidey etc. can appear in any Avenger's sequals. Not likely, I'm sure, but this is Hollywood we are talking about.
So, it turns out that a human being's eyes can actually do that pinwheel thing.

I saw. I read. I am confused. This is unfortunately the norm when I read stuff about The Biz. *sigh*

Is it just me, or is there actually no answer to the whole teaser "Why" thing? A sufficient answer to me would have included what Disney gets out of Paramount. This is probably my ignorance showing. Disney is doing the marketing and the distributing and has to do the pay tv release through Paramount's network instead of their own AND is giving Paramount money for...what exactly?
BreathesStory, you're right, you kinda need to read between the lines to get the why.

If I understand correctly, Paramount was doing the marketing and distribution for Marvel before Disney bought Marvel. So even though Disney took over Marketing and Distribution, there was already a deal in place with Paramount. Sounds like Disney worked out a deal with Paramount where Paramount is getting less money, but also doing little to no work. Disney probably gets more out of it than if they paid Paramount to market and distribute, and Paramount obviously gets a good deal.

It's a compromise made between the two companies, brought on because Disney bought Marvel when Marvel still had a deal to uphold with Paramount.
It would be a lot simpler if Nathan had the rights to everything.
I'm pretty sure Fillion would need to win a lot of lotteries to own the rights to so many of those characters.

As for the characters at other studios reverting to Marvel/now Disney, I think there was some sort of clause built in basically saying if they don't make a film then they lose the rights. The most famous example of this being an old Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie from the 90s? The same thing happened after Hulk *I think*, where nothing came after the Universal Ang Lee film so the Edward Norton one came out as part of this Paramount deal/the greater scheme of Marvel universe movies.

I've never really been clear on if it's set period of time, a countdown from their last release, or there's a set number of films though. Or maybe some combination thereof. (Nor do I have a clue who gets the film rights to what since there are a handful of premises that crossover.)

I guess there still might be an off-chance that they might reach an agreement sort of like Angel crossing over into Buffy comics when he was technically at IDW or old school monster movies, but I'm pretty sure that'd break down as a matter of profit sharing in most cases. Also some of those characters and/or actors are expensive enough thery might not be tempted to try.

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