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October 12 2011

Nice, comprehensive breakdown of The Avengers trailer. Courtesy of SFX.

Last night on Jimmy Fallon Samuel L. Jackson (who is now on twitter as @SamuelLJackson - follow him! He wants to hit a million asap) showed a slightly different version of the trailer (since it was after midnight they were able to show it on TV) and the audience went nuts. This trailer is definitely doing what you want from a movie trailer, delivering the excitement/anticipation!

But Scarlet Johansson's pose reminds me of famous shots of Buffy and River....

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Speaking of Scarlet Johansson's pose, are they working on a Black Widow movie (by Joss of course) yet, or should we start petitioning?
Speaking of Scarlet Johansson's pose, are they working on a Black Widow movie (by Joss of course) yet, or should we start petitioning?
Eh... I hope not. "Elektra", "Wolverine" and "Catwoman" spring to mind, when its done wrong.

On the other hand, a SHIELD film, with Fury, Hawkeye, Widow, agent Hill and agent Coulson, plus a touch of "Man From Uncle" and James Bond style, would be a lot of fun. (But only if they fight A.I.M. with a menacing MODOK mixed in. Or a Hydra army, if the Dreadnought is included.)

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I had the same reaction to the size of the hammer.
Eh... I hope not. "Elektra", "Wolverine" and "Catwoman" spring to mind, when its done wrong.

Well, I said "by Joss", so it would be done right.
That's an interesting point OneTeV by tossing in Wolverine-- that it's not the fact that they're solo superheroine movies, but the fact it's a solo film at all about a concept introduced as part of a bigger cast.

I think they've killed off pretty much all the other solo movies off the top of my head, like Silver Surfer, but there still have been a handful of solo movies that do surprisingly well despite concepts or characters people don't particularly know/care about. Like the various Ghost Riders or Blades.
I like how much attention Thor's laugh is getting.
OneTeV, according to what I read in this recent Entertainment Weekly article (and yes, there are The Avengers SPOILERS so click link at your own risk!), coming up next up from Marvel are:

Iron Man 3
The movie is aiming for theaters in May 2013, with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director Shane Black currently in preproduction.

Thor 2
Next April will mark the start date of the sequel, which will "take Thor literally to other worlds," says Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. Director Patty Jenkins (Monster) is in talks for the job.

Still nebulous, but definitely in the works, is a film about the tiny hero with major strength being put together by Hot Fuzz writer-director Edgar Wright, who has "developed an excellent draft recently," according to Feige.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Says Feige, "There's an opportunity to do a big space epic, which Thor sort of hints at, in the cosmic side of the [Marvel] universe." Begun in 1969, the comic focused on alien warriors who were each the last of his or her kind.

Another Marvel comic dating back to the '60s, this one follows a society of heroes who evolved from alien experiments on primitive earthlings, and were then cast off into their own galactic kingdom. If either of these last two becomes a movie, Feige says, expect an X-Men-style ensemble, la The Avengers.

IIRC, I've also read elsewhere that if The Avengers is a hit, they would like to do a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie as well.

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