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October 12 2011

"Lust for Love" - Fran Kranz & Dichen Lachman's Kickstarter movie project. "We're a group of friends who have worked and created together over the last few years and want to step up and make a feature. With a little support through the Kickstarter platform we believe we can make a wonderful movie." Felicia Day, Enver Gjokaj and Maurissa Tancharoen will also be in the movie.

I hope this gets made, it looks really cool.
Lose the first 1:26 of the video and you've got one of the best trailers I've seen ages. The eyebrow movement thing is fantastic. I hope this works. Years ago fans were crying out for projects like this, now the moment has arrived.
already pledged my support, looks great.n
$70k in a month is pretty ambitious.

Maurissa with the cats cracked me up.
Good luck to them. I wonder how they plan to distribute it?
FWIW, our very own gossi is part of the production team on this. (And am I the only one for whom some of the graphics/photos are broken, don't load?)
That's cute but I'm still a little confused what it's meant to be about or how the cast is meant to play out. (Not to say that is in any way a dealbreaker. Or even an impediment.)

I do find it kind of intriguing that despite the teaser footage featuring three actresses they haven't announced who the lead will be. (Unless of course she's just the macguffin to kick off Kranz's character's journey. Though I also don't get if they mean Dichen's character is dating the object of Kranz's affection or is just one of her close friends...)

Also kind of funny/interesting is the fact Enver's second credit is The Avengers though I don't know how big a threshold they're talking in terms of how prominent a role it is versus how recognizable the title is. (I guess they also wanted to avoid triple-dipping project names?)
$1000 to have Dichen cook me dinner? WOW! Movie or not, thats a bargain at any price and frankly, I would have expected a higher price on that perk. Sadly, I think all I can afford is one of the lower tiers.
How come the digital download delivery date estimate is September 2012 when the DVD delivery estimate is June?

I am pledging $35 as soon as i find out if they ship to Turkey.
If anybody is wondering, this project came along my direction and I really liked it. Being optimistic (and an idiot), I thought somebody would just make it. You know, like Ripper. Actually getting something made in Hollywood can be a fun task -- and by fun I mean involving the pulling of teeth and sacrifice of cute goats. I read somewhere the average movie takes 7 years from script to screen, and by then it's been through so many cooks in the kitchen they can turn out.. problematic.

Anton (the director) has a very clear idea of what this movie is. He has a vision, the cast is seriously great, and the script is playful and fun. It's about being young, clueless, an outsider, and in love. So we're trying the surprisingly radical notion of 'What if we just.. made it'. Every dollar will end up on screen. And most importantly, the story gets told.

And under rug swept, we love Turkey. So: yes.
This project makes me really excited. I am used to paying $35 for special edition DVD's, and this one will come signed by the cast so it's worth it. But I feel a lot better knowing that my contribution here is a lot more precious than, let's say, me buying the Thor Blu-Ray. And I'm so glad that I have this feeling of being in the same project as Fran, Dichen and Maurissa; even though my Tweets-Facebook posts and some other campaigning is minimal.

Thanks gossi for the reply. I have one more question that i didn't get a reply from the twitter account of the movie. Will the posts be trackable? I really don't trust the mail and I wouldn't want this to be lost in the mail. Since you're not Amazon that would mean no goodies for me. But if sending the DVDs with tracking numbers are too pricy, then I'll take my chances and enjoy the ride anyway.

Good luck to gossi and everyone else on this project. I'd love to do a lot more for the movie. Maybe it'll come to a film festival in Istanbul.
"Lust for Love" now has a twitter account. @lustforlovefilm
While the premise doesn't sound like my usual cup of tea, I love the people involved in this, and I live to be surprised. Ok, I'm backing (for the 2 disc dvd set - gotta have the dvd!) It's good to support creative ventures from talented people like this. :-)
Fran just tweeted that they will be filming a scene tonight at the West Hollywood parade!/frankranz/status/131067871597047808

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