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October 12 2011

'Ringer' gets full-season order. Good news for fans of Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show.

I'm enjoying this show. It's fun seeing Bridget scramble each episode trying to survive both her sister's and her own lives and the story takes plenty of twists and turns to keep the viewer interested. However, with the plot advancing as fast as it is, I have to wonder what the writers' long term plans could be beyond a single season. Anyway, I won't worry about that now and just enjoy watching this one play out.
Really? I mean I'm a fan of Ms. Gellar and what not, but this show isn't good enough for her or my itunes. Sorry. Just don't understand it. I was secretly hoping she'd get another show next season, guess it's not a secret anymore...
Yay! I think it's rather fun (if not a great series that will change the TV landscape forever). I can't imagine how they'd successfully extend the premise beyond one season either, but for now I will enjoy knowing that we get to see Bridget's deception and Siobhan's evil (?) machinations run their course.
I'm generally enjoying Revenge more than I'm enjoying Ringer, which seems to mostly be a string of events without any particular driving narrative force.
Yay! The show's not perfect but I like it.
Happy for SMG, but I agree with BlueSkies. I'd rather her move on to something else at this point. The episodes are starting feel completely parabolic. Interesting events only happen at the very end.
Agreed, it's not the perfect show
BUT somehow it keeps me >hooked< every episode so far - ergo: I love it and am very, very, >very happy< for Sarah that Ringer got a full-season order!
It has grown on me so I'm excited that it got a full order.
I've seen more than a few people state that they hope that this is canceled so that SMG can move on to something else. What I'm wondering though, is have we seen any indication that she would try another show again any time soon?
I'm enjoying the show too and I'm glad to hear this news.
Risch22, she said in almost every interview this last year that she wants to work in TV because that keeps her home in LA with her family. Leads me to believe that she would continue to go after TV roles whether Ringer existed or not.

I'm totally shocked that this was picked up for the full season since it is obvious the only reason ratings for Ringer bumped up last night was because New Girl wasn't airing opposite. What happens next month (and the next 6 months) when New Girl is airing opposite?
Excellent news! Last night's episode proved that there is much to be excited about!
I'm glad it got a full season order. The show has become alot better since the pilot and I am now invested in the story since the episode before last night's.

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I kinda felt like last night was the best so far. Even before the super twisty intriguing ending, I was already starting to feel like the show had kinda found itself a little more than it had before. Definitely glad to see the pick up, and can't wait to see if it will continue to grow.
I'm still making up my mind about Ringer. So far I like it okay, but it's no Buffy. I am happy that it will get a full season because I do believe that it can get better as it goes on.
I don't exactly know why (pretty sure I'm not at all in it's target demographic) but for some reason I've really been enjoying this show - glad to hear that it will be sticking around for at least a little longer.
Am I the only one who thought the follow-up to last week's cliffhanger was a little underwhelming? I totally saw last night's ending coming. I thought episode 5 was the worst so far, so many clichés. The characters' actions seem a little extreme given their motivations.
brinderwalt As far as I'm concerned, "targeted demographics" are a bunch of hooey. And rather insulting. Who the heck are these executives to tell me what I'll be interested in watching?

Seriously. I remember watching "Dallas" and "Falcon Crest" when I was young. I sure as heck wasn't a target for those shows - I was in second grade! (Well, I was probably in fourth or fifth before I could stay up late enough to watch Falcon Crest. 1985 or so.)

I'm really enjoying Ringer. There's a lot of back-story we're still waiting to get, and they're feeding it to us in very small spoonfuls, like...1/4 teaspoons. I have a strange feeling that Siobhan marrying Andrew was a spur-of-the-moment thing, and we'll learn the truth of why she did it later.

And now that it's got a full season, that later will actually get here.

Too bad NBC didn't have as much faith in "Free Agents." Sigh. One day we'll have all the Buffy folk in series at the same time. And not just guest starring.
Well personally, I'm starting to really enjoy Ringer. It's definitely got a soapy feel to it but I have always been a fan of the soap opera genre so maybe that's why people are so split on liking it or not.

I know it's up against New Girl, but honestly I like Ringer better anyway. The few episodes I have seen of New Girl seemed a bit trite and hokey, so I'm happy Ringer with it's fun crazy twists got picked up for a full season.
I love Ringer. It's just your average guilty pleasure TV show. It's nothing like Buffy and I wish some of the people criticizing it would realize that the only thing this show has in common with Buffy is SMG. I love Buffy so much and nothing will ever compare, but I am so happy to see her working again and clearly enjoying this job. :)

Thanks for the reply and information. I didn't have a chance to read all of the SMG interviews leading up to this, and those few that I did hadn't mentioned the subject.
Been a while since I got into a night time soap. I'm enjoying it.
Great news. :-) I’m enjoying this show more than I expected.

However, even though the producers say that they have plans for 3 seasons, I think that one full packed, intense 22-espisode run with a closed end might be just about the right amount of space for this show without it feeling too stretched, losing on its appeal and undergoing qualitative drops. But who knows, maybe the producers really do have some ingenious plan for the series. It’s just that over the past years I’ve become quite skeptical about these types of proclamations which often seem onlu like PR to increase people’s trust in the show.

I'm totally shocked that this was picked up for the full season since it is obvious the only reason ratings for Ringer bumped up last night was because New Girl wasn't airing opposite. What happens next month (and the next 6 months) when New Girl is airing opposite?

Starting from today, they’re airing repeats of Ringer on Wednesdays instead of H8R, which was pulled of the schedule. So if Ringer performs well in this slot or/and too bad vs. New Girl in its Tuesday spot, they can easily air further premiere episodes on Wednesdays.
If not for SMG, I would have quit after the second episode. Good cast but improbable story and so-so acting. I'm now just waiting for Jason Dohring to join the cast (next week) and hopefully make this a show I'll continue to watch.
I saw the first four episodes, but I just can't bring myself to watch the most recent, which is on my DVR. I have some things I need to write in the next couple of months so I'm holding off watching off any more episodes until December. I hope they are better than the first four.
That's a good point, Anuris. I hope they do move it.
I'm really enjoying the show. It has gotten better since the first few episodes and has been pretty solid lately. I love that it got picked up for a full season! That's really great news.
The characters' actions seem a little extreme given their motivations.

It's funny but I think part of the reason why I'm liking it is because of that seeming plausability gap - just based on my own (actually fairly extensive, now that I think on it) contact with various strata of the New York social elite, I'd have to say that a lot of what you see here actually isn't that far off the mark...
Plus that's the whole point of the show. To be a water-cooler, soap opera. SMG has said it herself. Anyone expecting more than that will be disappointed.
I'm stunned. I like the show and really enjoy SMG's acting, so I figured it would be cancelled just to spite me. Really happy to see this!
I like the series, I hope for more seasons in the future. It is great to see Sarah again in a TV series. I think she is doing great. The twin sisters plot is always interesting and here everything happens quickly.
I am really glad to see Ringer being picked up for a full season. Siobhan's "revenge" plot is supposed to come to the fore in the second half of the season. I think Ringer might have a better chance on Wednesday nights at 8PM. It`s programmed verses The Middle, Suburgatory, Up All Night, Whitney, X Factor, and Survivor.
I love Sarah Michelle Gellar, but I'm shocked so many people are enjoying this show. I gave it as much of a shot as I could, and that was about two and a half episodes. Unwatchable, IMHO.

Well, good for Sarah. I can be happy for her, at least.
I'm glad for SMG. The show hasn't quite gripped me yet, but I'm enjoying it and I'll stick it out.
I am SO happy for Sarah. She deserves to be in the public eye again and especially as a lead. Even if the show ends after 1 season, (I hope not; I'm really intrigued as to the creators' 3 season plan which is what got Sarah interested in the series)hopefully it will only be the beginning of a long string of starring vehicles for our girl. Honestly, I could watch her in anything. I do wish she would loosen up a bit more in Ringer as Shiobhan (sp)? I buy her performance as Shivette and think it's smart but for god's sake give the girl something to do besides strut in beautiful clothing! (not that she minds, I'm sure); maybe it's the lack of action that's disturbing me. I was happy that they put that scene where she was crying in the mirror; for once, you could see the 'old' SMG shining through as Bridget tried to hold it together under the pressure. More of that please! As Joss says, Sarah shines when she's made to suffer. Love SMG on my screen again!
I'm really enjoying Ringer for what it is. Love SMG. Could do without all the Buffy comparisons in the media. As Sarah has said in interviews you cant top Buffy and Sarah certainly should be allowed to move on from it and I think she has with this show. I'm hoping Ringer goes beyond Season 1.
"Ringer" works better as a soapy family drama than as a thriller. The twin premise is pretty flimsy and not nearly as credible even as was used on this week's L&O: SVU. But the family angle the Bridget character is dealing with is keeping me engaged, as is SMG's solid performance.

Yay for the full season order!
Yay! And I'm not reading any of the other comments because I haven't watched this week's ep yet.
Great! Love the show. Best new show of the season so far, I'd say (though I am expecting a lot (more) from Awake when it finally starts.)
I'm totally shocked that this was picked up for the full season since it is obvious the only reason ratings for Ringer bumped up last night was because New Girl wasn't airing opposite. What happens next month (and the next 6 months) when New Girl is airing opposite?

And in the finals that bump was only 0.1 in the demo as the show was adjusted down to a 0.7. Then again put it in the context of the CW renewing all three of their new dramas and it looks less a vote of confidence in Ringer than a policy decision to stick with these new shows regardless.
I am watching, but mainly for Jason Dohring to finally show up. The acting is laughable so am hoping that Jason can jump start the show. Have to agree that Revenge is MUCH better and SMG needs to talk to Nina Dobrev about playing 2 characters, Nina is so good that I forget it is the same actor. The problem I have with SMG is telling which character she is supposed to be, but will keep watching & waiting for my "Logan/Josef" to show up. Hopefully next week.
I'm glad this is finally going through. So much better than New Girl, but I watch that too sometimes.
A lot of folks are critical but I actually enjoy the show. Sarah is great and plays both characters equally well in my opinion. This is a show that keeps me on the edge of my seat throughout, great drama. Ok, so not as much physical action but that's not what this show is about. It's fast moving as Bridget goes from one crisis to the next and teases with an obviously complex back story.
I see a lot of "Cruel Intentions" here but comparison to "Buffy" is a stretch, this is a unique show and will be enjoyed (or not) for what it is. Congrats to Sarah for the pick up!
I enjoy it so I'm glad. Yes, it's not "ground breaking", but it's enjoyable and sometimes that's all I want out of my tv programs. It's more soap-operay than noir but I like it. I'm rooting for Andrew.
Only watched the first couple of episodes and when I realized I had missed the third and realized I didn't care felt the show just wasn't for me. That said, happy for SMG and everyone who is enjoying the show that it has a full season now.
The Guy and Dolls site has moved and updated with new scenes from this week's episode. Oh noes!
Hope the ending of the last episode plus the trailer doesn't mean what I think it means. I hate when serious potential is derailed for an immediate plot dvice.

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