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October 13 2011

How The Avengers characters fit in with the rest of the Whedonverse. Feature from Empire.

I've seen Angel/Captain America comparisons before but that would be about it.
This is a pretty ridiculous article. If anything, it should be going the other way--fitting Whedonverse characters in with The Avengers. The Avengers have been around far longer, and as Joss is such a huge comic fan (and more), there is little doubt he (wittingly or not) incorporated aspects of their personalities into his heroes/villains.
Looks like a blog I wrote for Syfy about six months ago

[ edited by doubleshiny on 2011-10-13 16:04 ]
Works for me. Although I don't know why there's a picture of Xander when they're talking about Book and Simon.
On the Hawkeye comparison, they should've added a nod to Inara's really awesome fold out bow...
That article was devoid of substance, drawing superficial and pointless comparisons as a ploy to get people to click through all seven screens. I liked doubleshiny's article better.

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