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October 13 2011

The Red Band Trailer for 'American Reunion', Starring Alyson Hannigan. NSFW.

I've never seen any of these movies, any good?
I laughed so hard at the end, I love Michelle!
@Simon-I find the first one particularly funny, it's a good 'ol raunchy R-Rated comedy. The subsequent films were less funny, but had their moments. Don't bother with any of the straight to DVD sequels.
Yes, Simon- dirty funny but with good people trying to be good (in the main) in it. This promo had me laughing out loud. But: no Stifler's mom! I miss Jennifer Coolidge already and the movie ain't even out.

Flute, spray head, what's the difference?????
Oh yes, the first 3 films were in the same league as other films of that ilk, like Harold & Kumar, or Wet Hot American Summer. But only the first 3. The rest are just cash-ins.
Simon - I remember not caring much for the first one. I should probably watch it again, though, because I suspect I was just in an, "I wanna be contrary" phase. The second one, though, I actually really liked. The third felt comfortable, like visiting old friends, even if it didn't feel strictly necessary. It was also my most awkward "American Pie" experience, probably because I was watching it in a theater with my girlfriend-at-the-time (now my wife), my sister, and -- I shudder at the memory -- my mom.

I haven't seen any of the direct-to-videos and I can't imagine I'm missing out on too much.
This looks great. I LOVE the R. Kelly they're playing through the whole trailer. The guys that made Harold and Kumar are making it, so I'm pretty sure it's in good hands. I like that the characters have grown up, but not completely changed.

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