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October 13 2011

Dark Horse to publish a Star Wars/Serenity Free Comic Book Day Flipbook. At the New York Comic Con Retailer's Breakfast Dark Horse announced that they will be publishing a Star Wars/Serenity Free Comic Book Day flip book in May.

I have no idea what that is, but I like that it has the word "free" in it. I hope it will be digital.
A flip book has a comic on each side of the book.One side will have a Star Wars story and then when you flip it over,it will have Serenity story.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2011-10-13 17:34 ]
A match made in heaven. Flip book with separate stories or not, I demand at least pin-ups for "Han meets Mal" and "Boba Vs. Jubal".

Everyone cross their fingers that this is a new, original Serenity story--sometimes these are reprints.
Boba vs. Jubal? That would be epic!
Thanks, Buffyfantic.

I really hope they're not reprints. That'd be disapointing.
Hmm,whether or not they'll be reprints might be worth asking Scott Allie in the Slayalive Q/A that's running currently.
I hate living in the boonies sometimes.. hope I can find a free comic book day store near me and manage to snag one.. :)

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