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October 13 2011

The Mighty Macs, with David Boreanaz, to premiere October 21 in Philly. The film is about the first women's national basketball championship winners and stars David Boreanaz. Per linked article, it will be released to 1,000 theaters.

David Boreanaz is playing Ed Rush, who is the husband of Cathy Rush and an NBA Referee. Cathy Rush coached the 1971-1972 Immaculata University Women's Basketball team to win the first women's national basketball championship. Boreanaz will also appear on Regis and Kelly on October 14 to promote the film. Highlight Friday to see Boreanaz on their schedule.

(first post ever, running away and hiding for a bit)

Hooray for your first front page post!
I was an extra in this! It was originally called Our Lady Victory (or something to that effect.) It was filmed ages ago, so it's incredibly exciting that it's actually getting a release. I had given up on it long ago.

Also, conrats hann23 on your first post!

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