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October 13 2011

(SPOILER) New pics of James and Charisma on Supernatural. The episode airs October 21st.

They look fantastic.
Wow. James looks pretty suave in that first picture.
My gosh, they're pretty.
Are we sure James isn't really a Vampire? I mean, beside from the hair, has he even aged?
Heh, looking forward to seeing them. Currently working my way through the show for the first time and arrived at season 5 today (was home with the flu and got to watch 9 episodes straight ;)), so not quíte there yet, but getting close :).
There's a shot of him sitting in the chair with his sherry glass raised, and the look on his face is British.

I'm looking forward to this episode. Well, I look forward to each episode, actually. I got hooked during the summer reruns, and now I have to add the first several seasons to my "When I can find them in a half-price store" list.
@ShadowQuest, I buy most of my books and DVDs from I started with SPN in S3 and had to buy the first ones, but now I have them all and watch over and over like I do Buffy(just for Spike). In the USA, TNT shows 2 eps a day and I even record those and watch, they are just going into S6. Just want them to bring Misha back & Castiel just won STV 2011 Best Character, beating Damon.
Are the Supernatural comic books any good?
I haven't read many of the SPN comics, but I do have the TPB for "Origins" which was pretty entertaining if you are a fan of the show. There is a new series that just started as well, and I really enjoyed the fist issue. It is written by Brian Wood (DMZ) who I really like as a writer overall. It takes place when Sam is at Stanford.
I enjoy everythiing about this show, including the comics. The comics are interesting because it goes more into how and why they become hunters. It is a lot about their dad and when the boys were younger. My greatest TV wish was that James would be on Supernatural, and now I see that wishes can come true...can't wait!!
The promo for this episode
I can't wait for next week! *jumps into time machine*

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