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October 13 2011

Even Wall Street people like Firefly. writer Jeanine Poggi suggests shows Netflix should consider reviving. Guess which is the first on her list.

Does this mean Occupy Wall Street all about bringing Firefly back? If so, sign me up.
I've been half-hoping the "I never credited the Alliance with an overabundance of brains" sign from the WGA strike would show up at OWS at some point.
daylight, I think if anything it means OWS is against Firefly. Which, given its trend of opposing personal liberties, would not be entirely shocking. :)

But I digress. This was neat to read. If we must be bombarded with bring-back-Firefly campaigns, at least it's nice to have a bit of variation in the sources.

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That was to be expected, but now apparently people will remember that "Nathan tried to raise money"... :/
Argh I wish they would get their facts straight. Nathan had nothing to do with raising money to "buy" Firefly - that was the problem of that movement in the first place. But I definitely support the idea of Netflix reviving cancelled shows (especially if those shows include Arrested Development and Firefly and Pushing Daisies - some of my favorite series of all time).

I also think some of the shows on their wishlist are rather far-fetched. How in the world could they really expect that My So-Called Life could be brought back?

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Wow. Talk about needing to fact check your article. Shiny thought and all, but geez. Aside from the mistakes mentioned above, she made it sound like the original campaign to save Firefly and the "HNBFF" campaign were the same group of people. What disturbs me more was this comment:

Whedon's office Tweeted that they would not revive the show no matter what.

IIRC, the response was not to give money to the fan effort and that bringing it back wasn't feasible given the passage of time and Joss' & the casts' existing commitments. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Mo's tweet wasn't as definitive as "no matter what"? I know she took a lot of heat for her response, so maybe I'm misremembering.

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