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October 13 2011

Summer Glau debuts mysterious new project. Details on the Human Preservation Project are curiously scant at the moment, but official word has it that Summer will be making a last minute appearance for the transmedia entity's NY Comic Con debut tomorrow, Friday October 14th.

The article has the project name wrong - it's HUMAN PRESERVATION PROJECT. And, welcome back Summer Glau! (click the link).
This has to be awesome just for the fact that it gives us more Summer Glau. I'm eager to hear all the details of this venture but she really needs to be back on my TV screen. Now.
I'm really exited to know more about that.
@Brinderwalt : since when an unofficial fansite is "official word"?
chris66, I believe that site has connections to Summer (from memory).
Woops! I'd blame spell check, but the hubriety would be too much - even for me. :)

@Brinderwalt : since when an unofficial fansite is "official word"?

Past experience.

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Not want to start a fight when we should rejoice Summer is back with us.

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This is not an official website, we do not represent Ms Glau."
I think it's all just a viral marketing campaign for 5 gum. Check out the 30 second mark of the video, after the woman jumps. Then go look at the gum logo.

I'm probably wrong, but that's a big coincidence, or some nice subliminal product placement, if it's not a marketing campaign.
It could simply be a branded transmedia (I hate that word) story. More a sponsorship than a direct ad for the gum. But, yeah, that 5 is straight off the gum package.
Gum 5 is definitively featured in this campaign but there must be something bigger. It's too sophisticated to be only an ad for a gum; and Summer Glau wouldn't go to NYCC just for this.
This is not the first appearance of the Human Preservation Project and Wrigley gum. it's a video game?
Kind of...

ETA: There she goes again...

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It took a bit of digging, but it turns out that...

...which people figured out and I just missed the text right above this. Nevermind. =)

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It's not a US version of The Nightjar is it? I still haven't got round to play it (even though Benedict Cumberbatch does the voice).

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