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October 13 2011

(SPOILER) Scott Allie's Slayalive Q/A for Buffy Season 9 #2. As usual,interesting tidbits are revealed.

I love Scott's last answer. ♥

Buffy's a hero because she's strong, she's smart, she is possessed of great convictions, and she's willing to make hard choices. Her choices and her beliefs are not unassailable, she's not perfect in any way, but she always means to do good, and she lives in a world, Joss's world, where there are many shades of grey, even if some of the characters think they see black and white. Buffy does her best in a challenging world, and she's fiercely committed to her beliefs and to her friends, and always willing to put her life on the line.

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Yeah. I agree. He hit the nail on the head there. could say exactly the same of Angel and yet many fans hate him now for having the same qualities. Weird.
As much as he might want to fight it, I think there's just a part of Angel that enjoys the carnage that follows him. Buffy doesn't seem to have that same compulsion in my opinion. She fights now basically because it's the right thing to do as opposed to Angel who feels morally obligated due to the much of the way he's lived his un-life. I'm still an Angel fan, but as time goes on it's hard to see him as a hero anymore with the whole Twilight situation.
I am also an Angel fan, but even prior to Twilight I always saw him as having more of a selfish basis (not totally but certainly not selfless) to many of his actions, even the ones with good intent and outcomes.
I don't think he enjoys the carnage, I think he accepts that casualties will occur. Buffy has no problem killing either when the chips are down.
I like the idea that the carnage or selfish nature is their difference. Angel is certainly more concerned about the bigger picture, and that's true of their shows scope too. Interesting.
I'm not sure I really agree that Angel and his show were always about the bigger picture. Over the later seasons of AtS, his show became increasingly myopic, less about helping others and more about the dysfunctional fates of the characters in question. It's why "Not Fade Away" contrasts Angel's suicide mission against the Senior Partners versus Anne's helping people on the streets.
Thats true Emmie- but it was the move away from it being an anthology show, to more of an ensemble drama that led to that. Angel's deeds were always there, but they were not the focus. A lot of his "helping the helpless" was done off screen, while the writers concentrated on the complicated personal lives of the characters. That's to say that Angel and the gang did help others, but by the later seasons of the show the writers maybe didn't feel the need to show it, but it was implicit in the context of the show.
Again, I'd argue that it was part of Angel's character journey that he started losing the mission, a lot of stops and starts, especially in Season 5. So again, the bigger picture became very much about becoming lost in Angel's personal journey, lost in the tragedy of being a figure of prophecy and W&H persecution. It was less about helping the helpless, more about Angel's struggle to actually help those helpless.
What? Logan is absolutely Spike. I thought that was clear.

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