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October 13 2011

Anthony Stewart Head is a guest on Late Late Show. Where it is still October 13th, Anthony Stewart Head is on the Late Late Show tonight.

Come for Tony, stay for Craig's monologue (best in the business). Kathy Bates is the first guest according the website. Video should be posted tomorrow if you missed it.

He was hilarious! Just absolutely bonkers! From the little dance he did when he came out, to the drive-by sheeping, he had me in stitches the entire time. He was ridiculously happy to see Craig again. And having his daughter in the audience was great.

I just wish there'd been a bit more content. Like mention of "Free Agents" having been canceled on NBC (Which is why he's here in the first place) to the movie the two of them were in together (Craig's I'll Be There, starring Gemma Redgrave and Charlotte Church). But I'm so glad I taped his segment - it's going to be watched and rewatched until the tape dies.
Just watched it myself and I second everything ShadowQuest wrote. I've never seen Tony smile and laugh so much, and, in turn, I was laughing my arse off. Great, great interview. Now off to watch the Conan replay for Sarah, Simon, and Dropkick Murphys.
Tony had been invited on a few weeks ago (before NBC cancelled 'Free Agents') but he was bumped for a more important guest (I forget who). However NOW the UK version of 'Free Agents' has started running on BBC America and that was the version they promoted (the clip was not from NBC it was from the UK, original, version of the show).

It was fun seeing Tony Head laughing with Craig!
embers I know he was supposed to be on earlier (I think it was James Woods all that night) and that the clip they showed was from the UK version - they bleeped out several words said by the characters, even though this is "after prime time."

I still wonder why Craig didn't have him on when Repo! The Genetic Opera came out. That would've been a hoot!

After the day I had, I think I need another dose of Tony giggles.
Rogue sheep. LOL

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