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October 14 2011

New Sideshow Angel statue teaser image released. Hot on the back of their recent Spike, Buffy, Willow and Faith releases, Sideshow Collectables have now released a brief teaser image of their forthcoming Angel statue. Just click on day 14 of their "countdown to Spooktacular" to view it.

It's not bad and it's well made (though what's up with the lack of flesh on display) but this would cost what, 150-200?
About that price considering what the others went for, and yeah It does seem more and more apparent with the release these male figures that only the females characters are being 'sexed up' for the male collectors, but heaven forbid that they should pander to women/gay collectors in the same manner. *g*

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Surely there can't be any sexist double standards at work here...? ;)
Oh ye of little faith (yes, pun intended), you have to wait to see the "assless chaps" variant edition. Sure to be a big seller.
Hey I'm still waiting to hear about the 'Gone' limited edition version of Spike. But arseless chaps Angel would also go down a storm too. *g*

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hmmmm... leather pants. looks like Angelus to me...
Okay. Several of us figure collectors have been bitchin' about the statues and action figures as of late. Mainly, they don't actually resemble the character among other things.

Guess they were listening, 'cause I think this one is great! 'Course, that price is a little bit too much, should be 50-60% that IMHO.

BTW, they should produce an "Angel" and an "Angelus" figure;)

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