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October 14 2011

Alan Tudyk's 'Suburgatory' receives a full season order. The show airs on ABC.

I'm glad to hear this, I'm enjoying this show (kind of Heathers/Mean Girls meets Desperate Housewives). But I'm actually not surprised it is doing well, it was given a really good time slot.
Yay for Alan (and cast/crew)! I, too, am enjoying the show even though I'm not big on 1/2-hr comedies. However, this year I decided to give New Girl and Suburgatory a shot due to Zooey Deschanel and Alan. Although I like Zooey, I'm not sold on the New Girl yet.

BUT I adore Suburgatory's wacky sweetness and the characters of Tessa (Jane Levy), her dad George, and neighbor Dallas (the latter two being Nathan Fillion's Waitress costars Jeremy Sisto and Cheryl Hines).

And also hope we see more of Alan's crazy Noah -- "more" meaning more screen time and not more of Noah's day-glo-orange-tanned-nearly-nekkedness, lol.
I'm really enjoying the show; I hope to see more of Alan in the upcoming episodes. I'm very glad to see that it's been given the full season order!
Yay! I haven't seen it yet. But I have it on my DVR list. Almost caught up on missed eps of everything. It's been a crazy month. We saw Alan in the latest "Transformers" last night and realized just how much we have missed him. Yeah, missed it at the theaters. Did I say crazy year?!
2 Whedon actor shows dumped, and 2 picked up. Better than nothing. I am really enjoying Suburgatory too, surprisingly. Wish I had watched that first episode without doing work at the same time, I seem to have completely missed how Alan's character is connected to the main family.
Actually, if you count "A Gifted Man" (Julie Benz has a recurring role) and the just-finished first season of "Suits" (Gina Torres as a regular), that's four new shows still alive with Whedon actors in them. If "Necessary Roughness" with Marc Blucas gets picked up, that will be five.
How have I been missing this show? Can I jump in now? I'm still sad about Free Agents...just bc I liked having ASH on my screen.

I heard Alan Tudyk was at NYCC today just roaming around the convention. I didn't see him anywhere, though!

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