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October 14 2011

Might be a little built in demand for the Avengers. Joss' little art film is breaking records on iTunes already.

Something tells me next year is going to be a good year.
Is that just iTunes downloads, separate from simply streaming it off their trailers site?
The press release says "downloaded". However, that may also include streaming - we don't know. Either way, this makes me smile.
I'm wondering if The Avengers can beat Transformers 3 box office performance.
Transformers 3 did $1.1B worldwide. Iron Man 2 (the highest grossing out of the recent related films) did a little over $600M. I think that would be quite the stretch to get there, Simon, but that sure would be incredible.
Wow. No pressure!
So, does this make the Avengers trailer the most popular thing Joss has ever done?
Wow. That's really awesome!
Lets not count the chicks till they hatch....but, yeah. Won't even try to predict at what scale. However, thinking Joss just hit that golden ball out of the field with this one. As we knew he would!
Well, we haven't even seen the film yet. All this means is that there's a lot of anticipation for the film. If early reviews are good I think it'll open pretty big though.
It's my favorite superhero movie ever.
I think it is time for us to do something we don't do normally. Be happy and excited and hopeful for reason. Simply put we should try not to be the annoying I told you Joss was awesome fan, and just simply get people excited about ALL these movies leading into it and spread the word of them to hype up Avengers. You know maybe take a different approach. Don't just go JOSS JOSS JOSS< which I do every day, but start complimenting RDJ, and the directors and writers of other movies so we can maybe hype the fans or the non fans of comic book movies.

Comic book movies either rock or disappoint so if everyone is looking forward to certain characters then they should have a great time at the Avengers because Joss can write characters. I still have to see Cap'n but aside from that the other related movies were at the very least fine to good.

I love RDJ and Thor was.... amusing and quirky for a movie with so much action.

I don't know. Just throwing out early morning random thoughts.
We're absolutely sure there's no way Fox can cancel this, right?
heh, zz9!

Just got back from NYCC where The Avengers panel was held tonight. I will say that the trailer is awesome, but an exclusive clip they showed featuring The Hulk was fantastic and very Jossy.

We'll be uploading the video of the panel, shortly! Joss was mentioned throughout...

Reviews will most likely be irrelevant, as will the actual quality of the film. Pretty much any 'event' movie that has a bucket load of cash thrown at in the past has made money, especially in the last 20 odd years. Look at films like Pearl Harbour and Waterworld or, more recently, the Transformer films, all of which got slated by reviewers and are still regarded as bad films by most, made an insane amount of money at the box office and beyond. Just make sure you let everyone know that a lot of money was spent on the film and they will all go and see it, regardless of whether they are just going to see a car crash of film. It's a spectacle, no matter which way it goes.

With Joss at the helm (and as the awesome trailer hints at,) I have high hopes that the film will be nothing short of fantastic, but I am even more certain that it will have a massive box office.
The reaction has been so insane. I don't doubt at all that this film will surpass the $1B mark...
Good reviews and actual quality can give a film "legs" beyond the opening weekend.
Repeat viewings helped movies like "Dark Knight" and "Titanic".
(Like our favorite mayor said, "There's more than one way to skin a cat, and I happen to know that's factually true.")

I kinda expect the foreign box office to not do as well, because it will be harder to enjoy subtitled Whedon-isms. (Compared to the Transformers films, where not understanding the dialogue was actually a plus.)
The thing is, the films I listed did much more than just big opening weekends and continue to sell well on DVD to this day. If you throw enough money at a film, you are pretty much guaranteed a hit. Repeat viewings are definitely great, but they only need to be mediocre to get that, such as Titanic and Avatar.

I've recently been reading all about it in the rather excellent Mark Kermode book "The Good, The Bad and The Multiplex," in which he argues in one chapter that blockbuster films should have artistic, intelligent ambitions, because there hasn't been a single one that hasn't made money (even Cleopatra eventually made money and was a big hit on television and video.)

The only thing that might hold The Avengers back is that I'm guessing the international market probably isn't as aware of the franchise as the US. Certainly here in the UK, The Avengers conjures up images of a man in a suit and bowler hat, with a cat suit wearing sidekick, rather than super heros
Both Captain America and Thor did better internationally than in the US. Iron Man 2 was a 50/50 split.

I think this movie will be very successful but the $1B worldwide mark is an EXTREME stretch when the highest grossing of the related movies made $624 worldwide and the lastest one only made $366 worldwide.

Holding The Avengers to that kind of expectation is quite silly in my opinion and will only lead to disappointment and distract from what I'm sure will be a more reasonable but still very successful outcome.
Has there been any talk about who will score The Avengers? My vote is for Bear McCreary. Anyone? Anyone?

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