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October 14 2011

'Grimm' to premiere to Twitter followers, take 10-city tour. The forthcoming NBC show from David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf (Buffy, Angel) will DM followers details on how to watch online early. And ten cities will get screenings, some with Q&A.

Sidebar: they were shooting in my apartment building yesterday.
How do you get tickets to the Portland screening? I'm not finding any info or even a listing on the Portland Art Museum website.
I'm assuming they haven't announced any of that yet.
Again NBC has not done a good thing with programing by putting what looks to be a good sci-fi show(Grimm) up against 2 others that have a fan following, Fringe & SPN. I am going to watch but it will have to be on another DVR. Maybe this is why NBC is usually in last place.
If you don't want to wait for them to DM you a code, go here, log in with your Twitter account, and it will give you a code now.

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I just saw the preview. I liked it. Nice and creepy, and a few things that gave me a bit of an "Angel" feeling - that must be Greenwalt. There were a couple of scenes that I had to stop and play back because I swear they were filmed in my brother's neighborhood.
That link also works without actually following them, it appears their automated follow code is broke. Video doesn't play outside US.
If you want to attend one of the screenings, sign up here. You will have to create an account.

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