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October 15 2011

(SPOILER) Recap of Dark Horse's Buffy and Angel panel at NYCC 2011. The panel just concluded. There are some new spoilers.

It was more of a general panel focused on the vampire/supernatural books at Dark Horse but a heavy focus on season 9.

Does anything ever get typed anymore? Is the internet no longer for written content? I'm getting really tired of newsarama or CBR or whatever not actually writing up anything anymore.

EDIT: Nevermind! Thanks Newsarama. I saw the imbedded link in there and I thought "great, another thing I have to sit through when I just want a recap of it", and lo and behold, it's a transcript.

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So as many speculated, Willow will be crossing over to A&F. Should be interesting, but from the sounds of it it looks like only one issue. Not much time for her to really get into it with the Giles resurrection plot, but maybe she'll be back for more.

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