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October 15 2011

Interview with Dark Horse's Scott Allie on Buffy & Firefly comics. A short interview from New York Comic Con touches on Buffy Season 9, the future of Firefly comics from Dark Horse, and digital comic books.

No interest in a monthly Firefly series? Rather odd position to take - I for one would love nothing more than for the series to be continued in a Firefly/Serenity Season Two. Just start from where Serenity ended and go from there. Well, maybe one day...
Well he does say it would be of interest commercially. I took his answer to mean there's a reason outside Dark Horse's control they can't do a monthly Firefly series. Which is not exactly what he said, so I could very well be misreading between the lines there.
It doesn't read that way to me. He specifically says that's not where they're headed creatively. Which sounds to me more that it isn't where Joss is at than about anything else external to Dark Horse.
Yeah, I think it's very much a case of Joss not wanting to hand off ongoing Firefly to someone else but not having the time to dedicate to it himself.
Yeah I was including that as a possible reason. Joss is not within their control. :)

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