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October 15 2011

Robin's Angels. Sorry Charlie, not even Principal Wood could save the Angels. DB Woodside's guest turn aired just days before the series cancellation announcement.

This isn't a bad thing. Terrible shows getting canceled is pretty fine by me...
Again, the writing and direction meant much to desire.
yeah, it was pretty terrible. I was hoping for something at least fun since there's never enough shows with female leads kicking ass in my book. But there was never a glimpse of this having any potential to become interesting.

I don't know why they insist in remaking these 70s shows. I tried to watch Hawaii 5.0 too, and it wasn't much better (but that's still on the air... I guess male cops are never boring for tv audiences. Or maybe it got better). Bionic woman failed too. Boo.
The few episodes I've seen of Hawaii 5.0 are at least (more-or-less) competant vacuous nonsense, though. Charlie's Angels – the third episode of which was written by our very own Doug Petrie, as it happens – didn't even get to that level.

(On the subject of Bionic Woman, it wasn't a good show overall, no question. But I'll always have a great deal of fondness for Katee Sackhoff's epic, pantomime-villain turn as 'the other Bionic Woman', which made the third episode, in particular, an intermittently fantastic thing.)
oh, Katee's bionic woman should have been THE bionic woman, imo. How much more fun that would have been!
Nyrk, I felt the same way when they introduced her character - show would have been great with her as THE bionic woman!
This was one of those shows where I watched the pilot and thought, "Nobody involved has a clue why they're making this, do they?" There wasn't even a hint of something anybody really wanted to write/make/do, it just seemed like a throwback to the assembly-line pseudo-mystery episodics of the '70s, most of which nobody misses. I think the cast members will all land on their feet, as will the show runners, so no worries there.

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