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October 16 2011

Bionic Woman / Buffy mashup. Fan edit of footage from the 70s Bionic Woman series set to the opening Buffy theme. Alternate links for restricted areas: Vimeo and Facebook.

Show similarities abound including the Jaime Sommers/Buffy Summers lead characters, Oscar Goldman/Rupert Giles father-mentor figures and tragic loves who have their own show on another network ;)

"Unfortunately, this SME music-content is not available..."
I wish I lived in another country. (For more reasons than just youtube.) Always the same with those Buffy-themed videos on youtube.

The idea seems to match. I loved Bionic Woman as a child.
I added links for additional viewing options.
Thanks a lot. I enjoyed the video.
Loved the Bionic Woman as a kid!! I always thought Lindsey Wagner would have made a great Joyce because Sarah looks a lot like her. Also thought it would have been fun if they had ever had "Aunt Jamie" come and visit Buffy and it was Lindsey Wagner's bionic woman!!

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