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"And working up a load of sexual tension and prancing away like a magnificent poof is truly thanks enough."
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October 17 2011

"Power and Control in the Television Worlds of Joss Whedon" - coming out next year. " This study explores the myriad natural and supernatural methods Whedon's characters use to achieve power and control over unsuspecting friends and foes, including witchcraft and other paranormal means, love, aggression, and scientific devices such as psychosurgery and psychopharmacology."

For some reason, I can't see that tag getting a lot of use. Looks like it could be a fun/interesting study, though coming from a household of people more interested in the hard sciences, I'm always a little bit surprised that this sort of thing is "professorial."
Sounds like it could bring new life to the "Willow addicted to control/magic" debates that keep popping up in forums.
That's a weird choice for a cover photo, though.

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