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October 18 2011

Buffy and Angel Complete Series Boxsets get (Twilightesque?) makeover in the UK. Gaze upon the new artwork for the Buffy and Angel boxets at

I was going to post about these when they first came out but I thought they might have already been posted, oh well.

I actually like the Angel one (minus the fact that isn't a S1 photo of Cordelia used on the S1 cover) but the Buffy ones upset me.
Am I missing something here? 111 episodes of Angel? I thought there were only 110. 22 episodes times five seasons...

The Angel box looks great. Buffy's is alright.
Wow, that's...subtle. I'm being facetious, saying the opposite of what I mean as a means of making a sarcastic point to the contrary.

Awkwardly desperate marketing move there. "The original vampire saga"... such an "ahem" statement. And kind of inaccurate. What about Blackula?
Valentyn, There is an unaired pilot that may be included. I think the art is horrible. Obviously created by someone who never watched either show.

There's no way any content on these discs will be different. It's a simple re-packaging. It happens all the time and nothing changes beyond disc labels, box set sizes and now fonts. For some reason several fans / collectors (I assume with gobs of money laying around) buy all these variants as if they were comic book covers, Comic covers full of DVDs that won't ever be played and cost lots of cash but that's another story.
If it gets Twilight fans interested in watching Buffy, and thus channeling their vamp-fascination into a more meaningful direction, I'm all for this.

And I say this with full disclaimer that I was an Anne Rice fan, and thus can't really judge the insipidness of Twilight without a fair amount of hypocrisy. :)
I'm not saying these are good, 'cuz they're not, but maybe I'm missing what makes them so awful. I never would have thought Twilight if it hadn't been pointed out in the headline.
I think the Twilightification is pretty clear. It's clever marketing and it's part of a broader, ongoing trend. See also: Wuthering Heights, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice book covers.

Though for Wuthering Heights, it's pretty fitting.
Didn't get the Twilight thing either but hey, if it turns new people onto Buffy and Angel I'm all for it.
I don't give care about the package. They look fine, and like someone said, if it gets people to watch it that wouldn't otherwise, great!

But this bothered me:
"Sworn to protect The Slayer is Angel, a mysterious and brooding presence that Buffy finds herself irresistibly drawn to."

But this bothered me:
"Sworn to protect The Slayer is Angel, a mysterious and brooding presence that Buffy finds herself irresistibly drawn to."

You're bothered by a line that mentions what actually happened on the show before his own series began?
You can see the individual season set artwork. They're all a bit drab. I think the season three and six pieces are pretty cool.

Season five on the other hand is a bit too literal for my liking: a picture of a key.

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