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October 18 2011

10 great stand-alone episodes that totally represent their respective shows. Smile! Our favourite puppet Angel comes in at #1.

Our favourite terminator also gets a mention.

I would not say Smile "totally represents" the show at all. It is so different in tone than the rest of the series.
@Tumnus: I would not say Smile "totally represents" the show at all. It is so different in tone than the rest of the series.

The very same could be said for season 5 itself, which was too Buffy-like for my tastes but would explain why it (unfairly) gets ranked as the best season by many. I say unfairly because for season 5 the Buffy style and tone was poured onto this show which was so different to begin with that it did a disservice to the tone Angel as its own series established and...well forget it. Doesn't matter now but I'm sure you get my meaning.
Wow...a great episode, but I would not say it "totally represents" Angel as a show.
@NL197: Season 5 is tied with Season 2 for me as the best. I wouldn't say it's very Buffy like...season 5 may have some light episodes, but it is still way darker than Buffy ever was. From Fred dying to Wesley trying to kill Gunn to Wesley killing his "dad" to Angel's slow (fake) turn evil to an end that leaves everyone dead or dying...I'd say it was a dark season still.
Kudos to the "Baby Doll" mention - the final showdown in that episode never fails to give me chills.
I wouldn't pick this episode to represent Angel at all (but then I hated "Smile time" it the first time I saw it, and it's still one of my least favorite Whedon episodes ever).

"Blink," however, is one of my favorite episodes of anything ever, so it's nice to see it on the list.
@erendis while Blink is obviously totally amazing, I wouldn't say it represents DH too well. The doctor barely features in it at all, and the companion even less! That said it's still amazing TV.
Except for the headline, the linked article doesn't actually say these episodes represent their respective shows, only that they couldn't have been in any other show. From that perspective, Smile Time fits. Sort of.
Blink is still one of my fav Doctor eps. the Weeping Angels were about a billion times scarier then the Darleeks, IMO. and I guess Ill have to dust off mt T:SCC DVDs because I couldn't remember that ep at all

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