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October 18 2011

Jesse Williams on The Cabin in the Woods. In an interview with BlackBook, Williams talks about whether or not the men on his t-shirt are villains, and the frustration of the film's repeated release delays.

I assumed when I read "Bradley Cooper" that they meant Whitford... but then they said it again?
It's fantastic that he was kept on Grey's (he's talented AND pretty!) and I think I speak for most of us Whedonites when I say how incredibly anxious I am to finally see The Cabin in the Woods in theaters.
Cabin's less than 6 months off now. Hurrah!
knock on wood.
"There's nothing indifferent about it." Interesting turn of phrase, that.
That might actually be my favorite remark about the movie so far.
So will Cabin be released in 3D or will it be in glorious 2D as god (Joss) intended?
Unless there's been some secret 3D-ifying going on at Lionsgate, it will be released in 2D as intended. It was never converted by MGM, and Lionsgate's publicity site specifically slugs 3D movies as being 3D. This one is not so marked, and they've never said anything about it being in 3D.

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ftloose, it's Whitford (not Cooper) now in the article. I think maybe somebody noticed the goof and fixed it? In any case, Bradley Whitford is in "Cabin in the Woods" and Bradley Cooper is not, so it would be really weird if Cooper and not Whitford was on a CotW t-shirt.
They corrected it, as they noted in the comments there.
Strangely for me it's still Bradley Cooper (at least in the "Do Bradley Cooper and Richard Jenkins play the villains?" question).
In that case, it's a definite "no" on Bradley Cooper :)
UK exhibitors have been told 3D by Lionsgate UK. Not saying they've been told that accurately, no idea.

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And FWIW, Rentrak data does not include any indication of 3D for Cabin, although I have seen some sources not update the titles of their old "The Cabin in the Woods (3D)" listings when updating the info in those listings.

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I really hope they were incorrectly informed! I'm not a fan of 3D at the best of times, but after seeing the final Harry Potter in converted 3D (in IMAX, I might add) I really do not have any interested in seeing any more of these conversion jobs. They look just flat out (intentional pun) awful.

Of course, you can usually see them in 2D, but I recently missed out on Fright Night, as there was not a single 2D showing in my area. I would have to put up with it for Cabin, but I really wish I didn't have to.
The Rentrak data does say 3D.
Not directly from Rentrak it doesn't (I have their iOS app).

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