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October 18 2011

(SPOILER) Dark Horse Solicitations for January 2012. The new Angel and Faith arc looks like it's made of win.

Yes and also the Buffy cover from NYCC must be for a later issue.
I think I speak for everyone when I say:


This could either be awesome or absolutely awful. It depends entirely how it is done. I am going to approach it with the same level of anticipation as the Fray arc (which was easily my favourite of season eight).

Edit: What horrifying consequence will our characters have to create to pay this off?

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Great to have Karl Moline back.
Love Isaacs' cover it's great, needs a little more to it, I think.
The Angel and Faith Steve Morris cover is brilliant. Is it a young Giles climbing out of that?

I also really like Steve Morris' Buffy cover, it's a crazy and awesome cover. Is that vampire Dawn?
Georges' is alright. It's not because of the artwork, it's because there's nothing to it, I find it a bit to simple for me.
Higher res images can be found at CBR.
If that's who I think it is then I think that's the big bad for both titles.
Wow, young Giles is really handsome! It's not a big surprise for me that they're going this way. I hope it works out well.

I don't know if i love the Buffy cover, or hate it. But i definitely love the expression on her face. Some really good drawing there.
Who young Giles, Simon?
Yes cause that's who I thought it was at the end of Buffy Season 8 in that flash forward panel. Young Ripper unleashed on a traumatised Buffy and a guilt-ridden Angel.
Okay, I'm going to make a prediction.

Angel will have to kill Giles again.
I'm thinking it's Drusilla, cazador. But I could be wrong.

EDIT: Oh, thought we were talking about the lady vamp. Obviously the guy on the cover of A&F is not Drusilla. Or else I may join the people who complain about the art in these things :p

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I could definitely see Drusilla being the surprise guest mentioned in the solicit. Can also see the dramatic power of Ripper being the Big Bad. I don't think anything would personify consequences more than that.

Edit: or has it been confirmed that Willow appears in #5 of A&F?

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There's a photo of a young ASH on slayalive and it looks like the cover is a pretty good likeness of Tony from that photo/period.

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Btw, Scott told me the title for Buffy #5 via e-mail: "Slayer, Interrupted".
That Steve Morris cover for Buffy is amazing. Wow. Exciting times ahead! I love it when dreams play a big part in the story.
I agree, the Morris Buffy cover is just gorgeous, his colors are amazing.
Both Steve Morris covers are great, but his Buffy one is absolutely awesome. I'll be sad to see him go. I've loved his cover art on Buffy.
I love that nightmare dress.

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