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October 18 2011

(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty Q&A for Buffy Season 9 issue 2. I think Georges let something big slip in this one.So a spoiler warning is for sure.

This is starting to become a trend. I try to avoid Georges interviews; I love a good Whedonverse twist!
...What's the huge spoiler?
I didn't see any big spoiler.
A couple of comments stood out for me:

There is one such scene like that in Issue 6 where Buffy is going through a MAJOR life change and Spike is there for her.

There are so many surprises coming your way. Once this arc reaches its climax, all bets are off. Nothing and nobody is safe. And I'm so not kidding!

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I think that "Buffy will go through a major life change this season" is a spoiler, yes, but in the same way that "Buffy will slay some vampires this season!" is. ;-)
I thought it was that Ilyria was going to show up.
I kind of missed something spoilery too. Maybe it needs to be spelled out in that nifty highty black out method.

Buffy going through a life change doesn't seem very spoilery. The details on Severin were interesting.
Buffy going through a life change is what I'm refering to.Combined with other reveals in the last two weeks and I think it adds up to something.Georges answers here are very on the nose IMO and could be hinting at something big.
I missed it -- maybe for the best cause I'll get to be surprised...

Really it's probably cause I'm dealing with annoyingly complicated real life stuff (benefits) and just can't add BuffyA+BuffyB=Big Change.
Okay, so what kind of life change would really matter? We have seen Buffy move through adolescence into college and then into young adulthood. She has had and lost lovers along the way. She has lost loved ones. So what kind of life change would be enough to drive the story? I can only see 2 possibilities that resonate- (1) She loses her Slayer status somehow (while remaining alive), or (2) She gets pregnant- possible given her recent cosmic activities. You pick'em.
Hm, I'll go for losing her Slayer status (jeez she just birthed an universe last season)
Plenty of other things could happen. It's sort of insulting to limit interesting plot points to making her normal or pregnant. Geez.
Right, and I hope so because I loath both alternatives.
Hey guys, I do, too. My question, or comment, was related to what major change in her life could occur, not whether I like it. I just don't see any other "major" change that could occur. I believe it will be loss of Slayer status myself, but would not rule out a pregnancy. Just saying- don't kill the messenger. :-)
@Dana5140. Thank you for explaining. It does make sense, based on what was said.

I, too, don't know if I like.
It was implied that Buffy had sex with someone in #1, so pregnancy is a possibility... although I don't know how much anyone would actually like that.
"Spike is there for her" suggests a change that is upsetting or disturbing at the least. However I too hope it is neither of those alternatives.
Right, and I hope so because I loath both alternatives.



In Joss we trust, people. In Joss we trust.
Menopause, aka The Change?! ;) jk. I, too, hope she is not pregnant. God, do I hope that.
maybe she gets zombiefied
don't be silly, of course pregnancy is not disgusting. It's just not very interesting as a twist in my opinion. And we already had Buffy playing the caretaker for Dawn.

As for losing her powers, again, we've been there already and besides that's practically standard fare at some point in any superhero story. So, as hypothesis on paper, those two options leave me cold.
I think she will get a puppy. Spike is there with moral support. And training tips.
Kaan: Now I think about it, that is just what this Buffy story needs. Think of the challenges of slaying on top of crate-training!
@Kaan. Perfect. And think of that dramatic tension when she finds that - rather than being ruined by demon goo or spilled lattes - her fashionable yet affordable boot has become a chew toy!
When the puppy is mortally wounded in epic battle with a demon I'm going to be inconsolable.
I hope it's a fu dog named Mouse...

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