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October 19 2011

Supernatural and the Whedonverse: 20 stars who've crossed over. In anticipation of James and Charisma's episode this Friday, there's a handy BuddyTV slideshow that shows the Whedonverse actors that have appeared on Supernatural.

Cool slideshow, there were some that I definitely didn't remember were on Buffy and Angel. I had totally forgotten about Jeffrey Dean Morgan, for example.
I had forgotten about him too. It was a nice trip down memory lane.
Jeff Kober played Kralik as well as Rack on Buffy. Pretty cool to see all these actors on the list.
Dude, Chuck was a vamp - did I know that??

Bring back Ash!

So happy to see so much lovely x-overs, but what would really fill me with glee is if Jensen, Jared and Misha worked with Joss. Oh my how fun would THAT be! *can totally see Misha as a doll*
This was so much fun, lots of them I did not remember.
@Mirage I just want Misha back in any character they want to throw at him. Was very happy he won Spoiler TV Best Character and he even beat out Damon.
They forgot about Megalyn Echikunwoke who was Cassie in "Route 666" and Vaughne in BtVS "Killer in Me". I'm pretty sure I'm also forgetting someone else, but yeah she was the one who popped out on me after I saw that slide show.

other than that, I always get SO happy when I see any JossVerse people pop up on Supernatural - it feels like meeting old friends again.
On both shows, Amber ultimatley played a corpse in training.

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