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October 19 2011

Interviews with actors at ComicCon: reaction edition. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

JM's answer is priceless, lol.

I'm a Twilight-fan, and even I got beef with it.
I kind of want to say it was his niece who started to read because of them but I won't say it because that's a creepy thing to do.
@Jaymii Huh? I don't understand, that's exactly what he said.
I don't get it-- I just see a picture, not an answer?
Haha. The article says it's his daughter. I may be wrong, but I think it's his niece who is a fan. That's all I meant.
Oooh, I see it now. I knew he had a niece and most likely was refering to her, so it didn't register with me that they wrote daughter.

I guess it's just as creepy of me to point out I've read he takes care of his niece and he's said "his children" on occasion so maybe he thinks of her as a daughter (or they wrote wrong).

Actually, probably not that creepy, because I think that's been mentioned/slipped in interviews and Q&A's. I mean, I also know he had a cat...

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