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October 19 2011

The Avengers Trailer: Sweded. Or, what Joss' new movie might look like if Marvel Studios was really, really, cheap.

Do you realize that during its first 24 hours online this trailer has been downloaded more than 100 times?
I'm tellin' ya, people may actually go see this when it comes out. A couple, anyway.
"Sweded? Should I be offended?", said the Swedish Buffy fan. ;)

I've never heard that expression before.
"He worked in the title." Exactly what I was thinking the first time I watched the original trailer.
Priceless. :-DDD
Sweded comes from the Jack Black Def Mos movie "Be Kind, Rewind" where they rented copies of movies they had refilmed starring themselves, calling it Sweded films, the next big thing.

Is it wrong that I found this version of the Trailer FAR more entertaining? Also loved the little ditty at the end "we're like Justice League, but we're not Justice League"
Awesomesauce. :D
"if"? If Marvel was cheap?
Jack Black/Mos Def? Really I thought the movie's biggest selling point was Michel Gondry. (I have no beef with Black or whatever Mos Def's new stage name is, it just seemed like his visual sensibility is so much more a "swedeing" thing. Even if I suppose the other two also have a very homebrew quality.)
That was very good. Knowing Joss, I am quite certain this will not be Iron Man 3, but the Justice/Not Justice League ditty was fantastic.
Thanks Tin Ear Tom for transcribing. I couldn't quite make out what Thor was saying there.
Thanks Ivalaine.
I read the title, and thought of "The Swede" from "Heartbreak Ridge", so I was confused.
It's a great movie. Worth the time and money.
So awesome. "We are like the Justice League.. but we are not the Justice League" all in the Jack Black freestyle voice. Had me laughing from beginning to end.

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