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October 19 2011

Joss Whedon plots his return to the Web. He talks about Wastelanders and says Internet shorts are "the punk rock of filmmaking".

Note that these comments originally appeared in the September 23rd print issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Whenever I hear Wasterlanders mentioned I think of this.

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I was trying to figure out why this wasn't posted before, and then I remembered it was transcribed in a comment in a prior post but not officially online at that point. (Which I didn't grok, initially, from the "originally appeared" bit.)
Ellis is my favorite comics writer right now. i would love to see those guys make anything together.
If you're new to Wastelanders, here is Warren Ellis writing about it.
And whenever I hear "internet shorts", I think of this.

I'm glad Joss is planning on ensmallening production size sometime again soon. I likes me Joss in variable sizes, and The Avengers is soooo big.
I REALLY like the sound of this. :)
Speaking of Joss and EW, am I the only person who couldn't find the Avengers cover story on the stands?
When did you look, MrArg? I had no issues at the time, except that I went one day too early. When I checked again a day later, I found it just fine. Maybe you missed the window?
I hadn't read that that Ellis piece on Wastelanders. Thanks for the link.

2012 is really shaping up to being a massive year for Whedon. Fingers crossed that the year ends with the announcement of his new show on cable.
I recently finished Transmetropolitan and I have to say the combination of Ellis and Whedon seems very odd. I think it could work, though. Transmetropolitan had some similar themes to Firefly and Dollhouse, with the out of control authority figures, morally ambiguous technology, and some "Can't stop the signal" stuff going on. Still, Ellis is really vulgar. Which I liked, actually.
The more Ellis influences and darkens Joss the happier I'll be. How dark can Joss go? Can't wait to find out.
Only good things can come of this. I like how projects are stacking up on the other side of Avengers for Joss. Future's so bright...
Jobo, checked at the local grocery store the day it was supposed to be out, and a few times upon regular visits after that. Seemed that at least they in particular never got it, the just went from stocking the prior issue to the current one. Oh well, should've hit a Barnes and Noble I suppose.
It's good to be informed about the next thing I'll be geeking out about after Avengers and Cabin in the Woods!
I have no doubt Joss will return to the Web, with this project or something else. The creative freedom that the medium offers is just so perfect Joss and for all the amazingly talented people who collaborate with him.

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