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October 19 2011

TV Guide gives FB users a chance to vote for their Dec 12th cover. SMG'S 'Ringer' is in the running, and Adam Baldwin might make the cover if 'Chuck' were to win.

Sorry...but I had to go with Community! It's just too good.
Why isn't Castle in the running? I added my vote for Castle (I love my Captain).
Didn't Castle win it last year?
Why in the 'verse do they still make TV Guide? And who's buying it?
Supernatural won it last year.
While my satellite TV service comes with an interactive guide, I find TV Guide is still an excellent resource to have to allow for secondary referencing of upcoming programming. Though I can see someone's point about it not having the use it did once.

Besides, it went electronic only in my neck of the woods, so be grateful for a paper copy that's easy to navigate instead of a Flash or Java monstrosity that's awkward to navigate around ;D
We don't get a paper TV Guide in Canada anymore.

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