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October 20 2011

Second half of Astonishing X-Men to be motionized. Marvel Knights Animation, Marvel's division for motion comics, is going to work on the second half of Joss' run.

The relevant bit:
Marvel Knights Animation, the division that creates Marvel's motion comics, will now take on the second half of Joss Whedon's "Astonishing X-Men" run. The complete set of the current motion comics will be released in a 5-DVD box-set on November 22, including "Iron Man: Extremis," "Thor/Loki: Blood Brothers," "Black Panther," "Astonishing X-Men" and "Spider-Woman."

Odd. I thought only first 6 issues had been done so far. That's the first quarter of his run, just about. I assume the second arc's already been done and I missed it, or they're meaning the 'second half' as 3/4 of his run.

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