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October 21 2011

(SPOILER) A review of Dollhouse: Epitaphs #4. This issue came out in comic book stores last week.

I have been a little confused if this was a miniseries or ongoing and how long it'd last either way.

I am really digging the whole Ivy meets Ivy (occasionally meeting Ivy) bits though, more than any other segment of the narrative. That's a little weird since it's so heavily talky, Ivy was a bit of a cipher/periphery character, and it's not like the show where it's sort of an actor showcase.

I don't suppose any of those are necessarily playing to the strengths of comics as a medium, but it is one of the ways that they really delve into the ramifications of the tech. Granted part of it is mostly the mystery since we know nothing of what became of Ivy but we can guess for pretty much everyone but Trevor.
The "Epitaphs" series is a 5-issue arc, with the addition of the "Epitaphs" one-shot that we saw in partial format with the DVDs, and in its entirety in a full comic form.
I think whether or not the series continues depends on how profitable the entire venture turns out to be.

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