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October 21 2011

Seth Green is creating an animated Star Wars sitcom. Apologies if this has already been posted, but the article is dated today.

Wow, this is pretty epic!
Oddly written article, that. A lot of focus on Family Guy and even more strangely French & Saunders, and merely a brief mention of Robot Chicken.
Robot Chicken is not very big in the UK.
Yeah, I don't think the author really knew what they were talking about and were padding out a brief quotation.

F&S have done some hysterically funny parodies in their time (they'll never top Silence of the Lambs), but the Phantom Menace was one of their worst.

Which maybe explains why George loved it so much :) He's famous for many things, but sophisticated humour is certainly not one of them.
The show itself is old news, but that it's premiering in the next two years is a recent announcement.
I think that was an old article - and may no longer be accurate. AFAIK, the live action Star Wars mentioned is on a shelf until they can solve cost issues that are many years from being solved.
Speaking as a UKian, who has never seen so much as a 30 second clip of Robot Chicken, what would you compare it to? Looking at the DVD covers and the various still images of it, it always looked a bit like Adam and Joe, in particular their takes on films using toys. I'm guessing it isn't the same kind of humour though.
Vandelay, I can't comment on Adam and Joe since I've never seen it, but I can give you a bit of a description. Each episode is 15 mins, and it is all stop motion animation using toys. They usually poke fun at pop culture, with an affinity for sci fi and the 80's. They have had 3 Star Wars specials. Green does a lot of the voices, along with a lot of his famous friends, which has included SMG, Michelle T, and Joss himself.
Vandelay's right. Adam and Joe (of Attack the Block "fame") got there first.
Never heard of Adam and Joe, but Robot Chicken is...nuts. I honestly don't know what to compare it to. It's short stop-motion sketches mostly built around 80s/90s nostalgia (but also involving newer and older things), and it gets more or less entirely off the wall. The Star Wars specials have mostly been about what the characters do between scenes and what the lives of minor characters might be like. Rule of funny.

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Adam and Joe's worth a look.

Joe Cornish went on to direct Attack the Block recently and is one of the writers of TinTin.

They're friends of Pegg and Frost et al.

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