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October 21 2011

Juliet Landau's new play "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea" opens tonight. It's being performed at The Crown Theatre in North Hollywood and will run till December 18th. Whedon fans can get half price tickets by calling the box office and mentioning "Whedon fan 1/2 price". There's a Facebook event for the play here.

I don't really know anything about this but the discount strikes me as something between "insane troll logic" and awesome.
I would love to call up some random person say the words "Whedon fan for 1/2 price" and have it work.

I wish that I wasn't so so far away....
Gosh, so wish I could see it.
Saw the show tonight. It's a really intriguing production that finds humor in some very dark subject matter. Juliet Landau is great, so if you like her work, I recommend this highly. As an added bonus, I found myself sitting one seat away from Sam Anderson (Holland Manners on "Angel" and Bernard on "Lost").

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