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October 21 2011

(SPOILER) Tonight on The CW - Charisma and James guest on Supernatural! This episode looks like it could be a lot of fun. And there's an interview with Charisma about the episode over at

I liked it. I liked it a lot. So (SPOILERS), they managed to survive an episode of Supernatural.
That was so much fun. Despite the gore being in rare form, even for a Supernatural episode. *shudder* Never really was a fan of cupcakes anyway...
The serving tray! The blippin' serving tray! Gah!

I quite enjoyed this episode. (And taped it for a friend who's a big James/Spike fan, even though she's not a SPN fan. Yet. Mwahahaha!)

Charisma is gorgeous! Does that woman age??
Loved the episode! Great to see James doing what he does best.

And heart is still racing! Absolutely stunning. Do they still build girls like that? ;)
I loved the ep, and with "Spike & Cordy" am hoping it brought in some new fans. Since they could not be killed, maybe they will be back, with Cas gone(for a short while, I hope) the guys could use some witch help. lol
Y'know, I was expecting groan worthy story and dialogue due to the corny trailers. Of course, with Marsters, Carpenter, and the Supernatural crew, it was a lot of fun. It was a good, solid episode that seemed to stand alone yet support the larger story.

Oh I really hope that they are back. They are handy allies for the SN boys.

They could have their own comic book about their adventures in the Renaissance.

And I never thought of Spordy as a ship -- now....
Loved it! Great campy fun and I for one want to hear more about the Renaisance!
I was totally in the SPN zone with James and Charisma - and then they kissed! And I was like OH GOD SPIKE AND CORDY KISSING. Last time they were that close he bit her O____O

I liked it.

Yay for the Starks surviving (though hearing them talk they’ve survived a LONG time - loved the tiny glimpse to their past). Plus, Donald saved the boys, which is a big bonus to him coming back. First person we saw who stopped a Levi even temporarily. He might owe them for Dr. Philling his marriage.
I totally lost it in a laughing fit when he complained that she slept with Christopher Columbus (guy leaving in 1492 on a long voyage).
That was lots of fun. I, too, would like to see them return. Could be a spin-off series surrounding them!
Very enjoyable, although I don't watch Supernatural. It's just too gory and gruesome for me, and last night was no exception. I had to look away a couple of times.

But I loved James and Charisma in it. And I had no trouble following the story even though I'm not a regular watcher so that was cool.
All I can say is Wow! Charisma and James pulled it off. It was the coolest episode of Supernatural this season. Gore aside, it had it's funny moments esp at the end when the boys tried to play marriage counselors.
I don't think it's gory or scary - mostly boring to me. But I loved seeing James and Charisma - I'd watch it again (for them.)
I actually forced myself to watch a Supernatural ep all the way thru. Yuck. But it was great to see James and Charisma in action - altho' it took so getting used to seeing em a bit older and NOT in Buffyverse character.

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