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October 21 2011

Cool "Buffy" reference on '"The Vampire Diaries". Damon Salvatore demonstrates to Elena that he actually knows the Slayer.

(And Elena Gilbert shows us she has the Potential to be a Chosen One.)

Guys I love when this actual vampire shows and other genres of television series makes references to Buffy. I was reading a ''Charmed'' comic and one of the witches, Paige, mentions The First Slayer. My favourite one is the ''Smallville'' episode "Thirst".
I was just reading a Sherrilyn Kenyon short story (okay, not the most intellectual example) and the protagonist is concerned about living in an early century because she'll miss Buffy (and Spike.)
Ummm... unless you were watching a different show to me, all he did was refer to Elena as Buffy because she was doing weights in a bid to be better prepared to face a vamp attack.

So no, it doesnt mean he has met the slayer.
Phony weights, no less.
Aww. Yeah. I died when True Blood made a mention.
What? When did True Blood mention anything? Remind me!

Unless you mean in the books, which I just got to recently, where the main character is babysitting a vampire with amnesia and sits him on the couch with her Buffy DVDs so she can get some sleep, then falls asleep listening to him laugh. Next night she's trying to figure out what to do with him next, since she "doesn't have Angel." Hilarious!
Third episode, Sam wishing Buffy would come to town. Don't remember the exact quote.
Oh bloody hell, Ivalaine, it was just a JOKE lol
The reference is pretty impressive considering a huge chunk of their audience is too young to have probably ever seen Buffy in its original run.
I absolutely adore the Southern Vampire Mysteries' use of Buffy in the books. Sam's quote was good, but I was really hoping that the True Blood crew would use that same reference this season. Of course, they blew it....

As for VD, yeah, that was a fun reference. I loved Elena trying to "buff" it up and learn self defense. I hope Allric continues trying to train her. She is a heroine who is at least trying to take control.
True Blood has another reference to Buffy in S2. One of the Fellowship of the Sun guys accuses Jason of "acting like some muslim Buffy with a dick", when he pretends to kill a vampire with a stake that he makes out of a US flag poll.

There's also a fun reference in S3 when Nan Flannigan threatens Eric and says she'll "rip out his ribcage and wear it as a hat." Which is exactly what Buffy threatens to do to Whistler in Becoming II.

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SM Stirling has had throwaway Buffy references in at least 3 of his novels, including Conquistador which i have almost memorized.

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Vampmogs, that ribcage line was said by Lorena, Bill's maker, to Sookie.

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I just read the first novel but I read that Tara gives Sookie some seasons of ''Buffy'' in VHS, as a gift, and Erick Northman has a lot of fun watching this.

Charlaine Harris must have some appreciation with ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer''.

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