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"It's a nativity scene, except nobody here is wise."
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October 22 2011

Buffy Gems on Tumblr. Buffy screencaps + the tweets of @Preschoolgems (the Dada-ist musings of young children). It works better than you might think.


Did my daughter (7) do these?
@Preschoolgems is a compilation of things said by, well, preschoolers. Someone took them and matched them up with Buffy scenes.
Very cute. I love when the internet remixes awesome together to bring us super awesome.
Yeah, many preschoolers do you know who have a clue what lavender is, much less what it's used for? A lot of these seem way too adult. Plus, are these just random things stuck to the pictures, or did the (supposed) kids look at the picture and say what they thought was going on?
These will entertain me for quite some time :)
The best one is the quote for the picture of lecturing, season 7 Buffy!
Well, I'll just throw this out there because it's way way too cute. My youngest said he was going to invite "the sun to his party and the moon to his party." :-)

I know, I know....not really related...
hann23, I think it at least says that your son knows not to invite the vampires to his party. Good job, you!

I checked out the @Preschoolgems and I think my favorite is:
"I CAN find my angry, but I CAN'T find my fun." Oh the BtVS/AtS possibilities...

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