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October 24 2011

Press reacts to Joss Whedon's film Much Ado About Nothing. The Hollywood Reporter ponders "whether it is in fact some sort of adaptation of the William Shakespeare play." Entertainment Weekly says "Joss Whedon announces secret film of 'Much Ado About Nothing,' ability to warp time and space at will". The Wrap says "Joss Whedon has directed, adapted, cast and filmed an entire movie" and has a plot overview (uhm, spoilers) of the play, SFX pools together tweets and our posts, io9 ponders if it's a fake (it isn't), and Tor remarks " many ways, this resembles the underground quality of Dr. Horrible."

SFX - "Fillion is playing Dogberry".

heh heh.
i love this whole thing so much. the cast is fantastic. cannot wait!
I am so excited about this! Joss never ceases to surprise. Is that Tom Lenk in the lake holding the martini at the official movie website? Also Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof seem to get top billing so I'm thinking they'll play Beatrice and Benedick.
It's a shame Anthony Stewart Head isn't in the credits!
It's Fran, not Tom, in the lake. But don't worry about confusing the two, you aren't the first! I think Tony Head's NBC show wasn't cancelled when this started production.
So will this be released before Cabin in the Woods, after the Avengers, or during the three weeks in between the two?
Not sure about when it will be released as I don't think it's been mentioned HOW it will be released. If it's to be released in theaters, it needs to find a distributor, etc. But if it's going to be released via the web like Dr. Horrible, we can be seeing it much sooner.
Ah yes, thanks. I can see it's Fran now. Couldn't quite tell with the mask. I think web distribution would be an interesting way to go. Cut out the middle man. No need for publicity. Plenty of buzz already.
Now this is Monday Morning news. I propose all press releases be released on Monday mornings at 8:45am.
I can't believe this is real! What a reward for waking up on Monday!
Technically, it was Sunday night news where it originated :).
I'm so excited for this!!

Also, Joss is totally a time lord.
It's weird and not very journalism-y for a "news service" (SFX) to take postings from essentially anonymous people on WHEDONesque as viable sources of info. Of course I, myself, do the same thing... (You guys rock!) but I am not a news service. Now if they talked to our in-the-know people personally, that would be a different thing altogether. It's all too common though, I guess. *sigh*
Huffington Post weighs in.

Despite being well-known for his mastery of sci-fi, Whedon is in fact a major fan of The Bard. At a recent roundtable to discuss his participation in Whedon's Marvel teamup "The Avengers," Tom Hiddleston was asked to compare Whedon with Kenneth Branaugh, his director on the first "Thor" film and a major Shakespearean theater actor.

"The thing about the two of them is that they actually share more than you might first imagine," Hiddleston said. "Weirdly. Joss is a huge Shakespeare buff and Kenneth is a sort of closet comic book fanboy."

Oh the hinting in hindsight.
Metafilter (the site Whedonesque can call its... um, inspiration) has a thread about Joss Whedon's Much To Do About Nothing too. Thread's been nixed. Pff.
It did. Been deleted because it didn't have a lot of supporting info. I'm thinking about crafting a more detailed FPP.
Still squeeing. I bet Joss is grinning evilly at our shock/excitement/uber!Curiosity ...
I think it's a self-extracting joke so to speak. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING? :D Based on a play? Nobody said by Shakespeare...technically one picture/frame constitutes a movie...if so, I salute the humor of my master.

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I'm speechless. Dying to know more about this. The cast list looks fun. I assume that this will be a direct to Internet production. Anxious to hear more.

Got to say, after that long, dry period after the release of SERENITY, the past three years have had a plethora of Joss Whedon goodies from all kinds of directions. May he keep it up.
Kenneth is a sort of closet comic book fanboy.

He needs to come out of the closet. If Tim Minear can post photos of himself as a teen wearing a Logan's Run costume on Facebook, Branagh can unembarrassedly embrace his Nerd cred.

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