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October 24 2011

Firefly fan-art by French cartoonist and blogger. Boulet is a french cartoonist who has an illustrated blog that also gets published in comic book form. He somethimes draws fan-art, and this time it's an hommage to Firefly, in kawaii style.

About half of the commenters say they like the series and regret its premature ending, and the other half say the fan-art and description make them want to see it. And another one asks for fan art about "series that we know, like Dr House".

You can also see previous kawaii-style drawings (Game of Thrones and The Breaking Bad) by clicking on the "précédent" link.

It is now my desktop wallpaper. Amazing drawing!
Thanks for the find!

Also the artist says he is a huge fan of the serie himself.
Saw this on the Much Ado thread and meant to comment (but forgot to do so), great to see it got a link of its own. These are brilliant.
The eyes are freaky.
Love it! It would be great to see this available as a laptop case or skin.
I am delighted to discover 1) M. Boulet and 2) that my French is not quite dead after all.

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