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October 24 2011

Much Ado About Nothing casting details. Edit - there's also more in the official press release.

ALEXIS. <33333
Guessed right for the three leads... and I was guessing either Don John or Don Pedro for Reed's character. Murr. So excited for this. Aheee.
I think this calls for *bouncing with joy*.

WHEN? Don't tease!
OMG, Alexis and Amy doing the church scene. ::faints with joy::
WOW! I for one, would love to see both Nathan and Adam as Benedick [maybe not at the same time, lol]
Costumes designed by Shawna Trpcic! :)

Very curious who shot and who will edit this.
Unless she is tied up otherwise, I would guess Lisa Lassek will edit.
Might I suggest that you add a *Spoiler Warning* to this post.
Wouldn't "casting details" cover that?
What's the statute of limitations for spoiling the plot of a 400 year old play? Not that I think anything here is really a spoiler, thus far.
Was sure Fillion would be Don Pedro. Innneresting.
The timing reeks of 'sneaking something in'. I wonder if Joss did this now to sneak it by the studios before he is locked into a contract that prevented it? Or if there is something else going on that forced him to do this now. I wager there is some reason why this was so quiet...

And I also wager that Whedon is going to a.) Make decent money on this, and b.) Make some people very angry. I hope it does not cost him opportunities we want him to have in the future.
I wager there is some reason why this was so quiet...

He wanted it to be a big surprise? Which it was.
I'm not following the "make some people very angry" part. An indie Shakespeare film pisses off whom, exactly?
The thing is if Joss had announced before hand that he intended to film a Shakespeare play in two weeks on a low budget with this cast, internet commentators would have poured scorn on the idea saying it couldn't be done.

And now Much Ado About Nothing is a fait accompli and everyone is reacting to what Joss has done, instead of telling Joss what he should be doing instead.
Yeah, that's how it reads to me too. I was quite impressed to see the coordinated tweeting on a Sunday night the day they wrapped. Gone are the days of "wait is this famous actor joking about an oddball Whedon project mentioned as an aside in an interview?"
If anything, I see Joss' ability to create projects like this fast and cheap as creating many many more opportunities for him. The industry adores fast and cheap. It's "artists" who like it the other way.
Joss doing a small indy thing (which may well end up with a cult following and DVD sales) straight after The Avengers is about as smart a career move as you can make, you my mind.
The industry adores fast and cheap.

I seem to remember that's the reason that Joss gave for not doing the Spike DVD movie in the end despite all the preparation. 20th Century Fox wanted it done on the (very) cheap.
Have we settled yet whether or not Shakespeare wrote "Much Ado About Nothing"? And also, is it canon?

(Note: 18 words, and still I made a typo. Feh.)

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That'll be answered in our rules later on tonight.
How many years ago was that, Simon? 8 years is a long time ago when you look at how much the TV and film industry has changed. I also suspect Joss has a lot more leverage these days and more wisdom with regards to negotiating who owns what with the studios.

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"The film should be completed by early spring and headed for the festival circuit, because it is fancy."

I just love how even the press release is cute and funny, though it frightens me that festival circuit might mean it will take it long to reach everybody.

I watched the 1993 Kenneth Branagh movie a few times over the years but I can't remember the names, or most of the plot.
Can't wait regardless.
Was sure Fillion would be Don Pedro. Innneresting.

He would've been great as Don Pedro, though he should be very fun as Dogberry, too! Michael Keaton was very memorable in this role in the Branagh production (a very fun cast).
Yeah, I sat down and rewatched the Branagh version of this a few hours ago in honor of this news. I think I laughed even harder knowing who would be playing the characters in the Whedon version. : )
Wow, that is one white cast. Blindingly so.

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