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October 24 2011

A List of 17 Immortals: One from the Whedonverse. Out of all of Whedon's Immortals, one is singled out to stand beside 16 other Sci Fi/Fantasy immortals in a small article on

I know this would be my choice. Is this the Whedon immortal you'd chose?

I've got no argument with their choice or their logic :)
I think if they listed the Doctor and Captain Jack together, they could've listed Spike and Angel together.
Surely an immortal is someone who can't die. Vampires can die (again). Now if they wanted to include a Whedonverse immortal...there's the, y'know...Immortal.
Or anyone who has had their mind scanned in one of the machines in Dollhouse.
They could have chosen The Immortal ("The Girl in Question"), to really confuse people.
Vampires aren't dead, so technically they can't die. I think this list is going with the definition of immortal that means, "lives forever unless they are killed by unnatural means."

Simon, agreed. That would have thrown people for a bit of a loop.
I'm just glad they had one of The Endless and I'm glad that one was Death.
Conversely, I dislike that they included any of the Endless (or a being such as Lucifer). They really should be in a different category imo.
17 of them, huh? And here I thought there could be only One. And that One is vey conspicuously missing from this list.

In regards to the inclusion of The Endless and Lucifer, I have no problem with them because the definition of immortal is (depending on which google def. you like):

- the exemption from the ability to die
- endless life or existence
- undying
Actually I'm shocked that they didn't mentioned Dracula, Hollywood tried to kill him how many times? Even Buffy didn't managed to do The Prince.
Death, as is true with any of the Endless, can die.
BreathesStory said: "17 of them, huh? And here I thought there could be only One. And that One is very conspicuously missing from this list."

I'd choose Methos, he was (and is) my favorite of Highlander's Immortals. Plus he's the oldest of them all, so he'd be the most appropriate. :^)

And to play devil's advocate on the Spike vs. Angel choice-- Angel wanted to become human again, until he signed the contract with Wolfram and Hart in Season 5. (Though whether or not he *could* actually sign away the Shanshu Prophesy is a topic for another discussion.) Spike, on the other hand, has no problems being an ensouled vamp and would prefer to stick around for a while. Maybe that was their criterion?

Risch22 said: "Death, as is true with any of the Endless, can die." True, but the death of any Endless seems to be an extremely rare occurence, and another being takes their place when that happens... so I think they'd fit as well as anyone else on the list.
When Death dies wouldn't she be the last living thing in existence and would have to take her own life to do so? Also, if I could add another suggestion from The Sandman... Hob Gadling (although of course less immortal than Death).

[edit] "When the first living thing existed, I was there waiting. When the last living thing dies, my job will be finished. I'll put the chairs on the tables, turn out the lights, and lock the universe behind me as I leave." -Death

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@Darkest Wicca

Nitpick; Angel didn't stop wanting being human just because he signed away the propechy.

I also want to point out (unless I forgot a scene) that Spike wanted the propechy too. Could be beause he just wanted to be chosen, to be important, but maybe he did want to be human as well.
True, Skytteflickan88. How could I forget that massive brawl between Angel and Spike, over the chalice with soda pop inside? I need to get out my DVDs and refresh my memory.

Though I didn't mean that Angel had stopped wanting to be human, it was more that he was willing to sacrifice his hopes to gain position to strike against Wolfram and Hart.

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