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October 25 2011

Vote for Can't Stop The Serenity's 2012 Official Artwork! Promotional art nominees for next year’s CSTS events have submitted entries and now they are competing to decide what will be next year's official art!

I voted for #2, just slightly different from #1.

I can't actually tell you why I like it best of the submissions, but I do. I guess it's partly because the diamond-shape is *so* markedly different from other years, and partly because it's so simple & clean.

And I went for the blue instead of the green, because I didn't want it to feel particularly military, a tone which I think the green vaguely conveys...

(Every year when we vote, I have marked pangs of guilt for not making an entry. Mea culpa. #grrrr Congrats to those who did.)
I'm torn between #4 & #5 myself. Something fun and movie poster-like about 4.

Don't worry Quotergal...maybe you'll get to it next year?
Gotta go with #4. I like the top-gearish look of it. I had a an entry most of the way there but I just couldn't get it where I wanted it to enter happily.
When voting, keep in mind what the t-shirt looks like, how eye-catching the poster will be for those not familiar with CSTS, and what the poster will look like once individual events put their information on - such as date, time, place, website, price, events, other charities, etc. Having done the latter a few times myself - and not being a graphic artist by any stretch - that is something I'm always thinking of when I look at the entrants.

We do have some talented Browncoats who enter this contest and at least a couple more in this thread. (I've seen their work and look forward to the day they enter the competition.) ;)
The first three are kind of bland. Number 5 is okay but doesn't look anywhere near as good as number 4 on a T-shirt or as a patch or sticker. So it's number 4 all the way for me.
I like #1 and #2 - clever use of the cockpit of Serenity to make a "mask-like" image. But the male/female icons are too small to be effective. So I did not vote.
Oh, number 4 all the way. Exciting color choices, movement, clever use of the number seven... Didn't like the clunky, greyed-out Serenity in number 5, and the others seemed pretty generic.
It was between #4 and #5 but I finally went for #4. I liked the way the design was part of the shirt. #5 looked more like a poster slapped on the shirt. But both were cool designs.

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