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October 25 2011

Much Ado Questions? Ask cast member Brian McElhaney. The Shakespeare Geek blog is going to have the opportunity to ask questions of Brian McElhaney (half of the comedy duo BriTANicK), who plays 'Second Watchman' in Joss Whedon's Much Ado. If there are any questions you want him to ask, leave a comment on their blog.

It seemed important to disclaim that he's half of BriTANicK somewhere in this body as well as actually at that link.

I was sort of half-heartedly googling the cast members I was less familiar with but since I started from the bottom up I missed getting to the watchmen.

I am actually incredibly curious if Whedon went out of his way to find predominantly net-based talent as part of his mission statement for Bellweather? Or if he just saw their videos regardless and found them amusing/talented. (Granted those might be similar points.) Sort of like how Jane Espenson ended up finding Cheeks and they developed Husbands together?

These two are a great comedic duo so it's nice to see them presumably teamed up, and they're even pretty great as a three-man monologue if you throw in the video they did with Danny Pudi. (For that matter, I also wonder how Whedon decided to cast one half of Garfunkel and Oates.)
I think I actually found BriTANicK via Joss himself linking "Oscar-Winning Movie Trailer" here on the Black. (I'd seen said trailer before but hadn't realized the creators had done other stuff.) So it's probably safe to say he'd seen their videos and found them talented.

A wonderful gesture on his part to hire them on, though. For some this gig was more for love than for money, but for those two it might wind up being both. Being hired by Joss Whedon has got to look good on a resume.

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