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October 26 2011

Marti Noxon to Executive Produce "The Executioner". Our very own Marti Noxon, along with Dawn Parouse, will executive produce Showtime's "The Executioner," based on the real life of Anatole Deibler, the official Executioner of Paris in the late 1800s. Tim Sexton is writing and executive producing/showrunning the project.

Somehow I'm less excited about a show in development that has Marti as a non-writing producer.
It's embarassing to admit, first? I thought Marti had chosen to associate herself to a here-to-now unannounced TV version of the "Don Pendleton"-penned Mack Bolan mens' adventure novels.

Which is admittedly ridiculous to have have thought of, but I'm a personal fan of the Rule 63 mirror of Harlequinn romance novels ;D

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