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October 26 2011

'Homeland', with Morena Baccarin, renewed. The show will have a 12 episode second Season.

I hope it'll be released on DVD/BD. Really want to see this, but don't find it worth signing up for a channel just for one show. (If it's available via Netflix, all the better...)
Oooh Channel 4 bought the UK rights, did not know that. Cheers for that, I look forward watch it.
Spend, the DVD/BD is likely to be released next Fall sometime. Netflix is trickier since I think Showtime just changed their stance on licensing their current programming for streaming. That may of course change as all things with Netflix seem to be fluid.

It is really a very good show and seeing Morena get to have this kind of range is great after a couple years of playing aliens with limited emotions. And of course, Damien Lewis (who I would watch read a phonebook) is mesmerizing in his role.
I'm enjoying the character stuff, and it's great to see Morena in a non-genre show. Most of the terrorist plot so far is basically warmed-over slow-motion 24, but in some respects 24 was on for so long it's almost impossible to avoid doing some of the same bits. (The plot event in episode 3 was the most obvious thing in the world.)
Canada Eh? TMN usual Showtime partner has Nothing on their site!
Excellent! Enjoying the show a lot.
I'm loving this show a lot too. The whole cast, including Morena, is fantastic.
@IrrationaliTV I very much second your thoughts on Damian Lewis. I've been dying for him to return to TV ever since the debacle of NBC cancelling Life to make room for the 10pm Jay Leno FailHour!! Do you know of an existing phone-book-reading project? I would love to check it out, anything to add more of him into my world!! >.<

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DreamRose311, IrrationaliTV - really like Damien Lewis as well, from what I've seen of him in Life and Band of Brothers (haven't watched past the 2nd ep of the latter yet, but I intend to do so).

Was just IMDB'ing him to see what else he's been in, and apparently he was Benedick in the Much Ado episode of the Shakespeare Re-told mini-series, seems like watching that might be a fun way of catching up with a modern take of Much Ado and Damien Lewis.
It's a very interesting and, honestly, "fun" show. I've said it a before, but if this and Shameless are the way nuShowtime are heading I can't be more excited for it's future. Happy it got a second season - absolutely deserves it!
Fantastic news. This is an amazing, intelligent and intriguing show. So glad it's got the credit it deserves.
DreamRose311, IrrationaliTV, Bluey: for even more Damian Lewis, watch Keane. It's a small-budget movie, it's intense. There's also Warriors; a TV drama where he's a Blue Helmet in Serbia - that's where I discovered him.
Thanks grimma, for the heads up, I'll look into those. I'll also have to look into Homeland from the sounds of it, based on the positive comments in this thread.
Thanks grimma & Bluey I will definitely check those out! Especially love that he was in a version of Much Ado since I'll definitely want to refresh myself with it for the Joss one!!
I loved Lewis in Life. (I didn't intend for that to be alliterative.)

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