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"The words 'Let that be a lesson' are a tad redundant at this juncture."
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October 26 2011

Joss doing stunts on The Avengers set. Anecdotes from Tom Hiddleston about Joss giggling on set among other antics.

Sounds like Joss was trying to make Robert Downey, Jr. take a fall face first the way Nathan Fillion did in 'Serenity' (I don't think most actors are willing to risk their face like that!).
I can't remember if that's called The Full Nathan or Smoosh-Faced Actor.
There's something in one of the Firefly commentaries about him waving at Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy and being afraid of Nathan Fillion as Mal. Both while filming in early days of each, I think. Clearly laughing and demonstrating falling down for this one means it's secretly a slapstick comedy.
Heh, I was wondering exactly that Fillion thing. Does Joss foster an environment encouraging cast members to hurt themselves and hide it, or has he picked it up based on that cast?
Reminds me a lot of Peter Jackson giggling during the filming of Lord of the Rings.

Of course Joss likes to write the villain - he's evil that way. And in the way of killing off people we love.
No, I'm thinking it's more on the director willing to show the actors what he wants.....or something along those parts.
Wow, Joss is truly admirable.
Doesn't everyone prefer writing the villain? They're almost always more fun because you can go bigger/more over-the-top than you can with the hero, who tends to be more by-the-book.

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